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Titan Enterprises is a leading UK manufacturer and international supplier of high-performance liquid flow measurement solutions. We specialise in the design and production of small-bore, affordable off-the-shelf flow meters to bespoke flow sensors designed to customer specifications meeting specific flow ranges and environmental conditions.

Titan offers complete liquid flow control solutions and highly adaptive designs for a wide range of processes and applications using the latest flow technologies, including UltrasonicRadial Flow Turbine and Positive Displacement flow devices. From pubs and food production, to pharmaceuticals and oil and gas applications, agriculture and medical, our precision flow meters and instruments cover all liquid measurement requirements, including batch control systems, chemical additive dosing and low flow monitoring.

Our flowmeters and instruments are calibrated and pressure tested in-house (where specified) and we also provide in-house service and repair.

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Titan have been designing and manufacturing cutting edge flow meters for decades. If you are looking for the right flowmeter for your needs, we are always happy to give advice and guidance to help you select the correct tool for your requirements.  Contact us to request a quick quote or discuss how we can provide the best flow measurement solution for your specific application. You can explore our flow sensor and instrument range using our easy filtering tools below.

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