Flow Meter Calibration and Test

Titan Flow Meter Calibration and Test

Unless otherwise specified or requested, all flowmeters manufactured by Titan Enterprises (except for the beverage meters) are calibrated on our positive displacement oil or water flow rigs, which have an overall uncertainty of ±0.25% (95% CL). Units can be calibrated at a maximum flow range on water of 200 L/min and on oil, 100 L/min (depending on viscosity). The flow rigs are checked annually against certified weigh scales that are traceable to national standards.

Selection of Titan's oval gear flow meters

Flow Meter Calibration Methodology

The calibrators use a piston within a smooth bore tube to act as a moving barrier between the pressurising gas and the displaced test fluid. It generates a continuous train of electrical pulses by use of a linear encoder/translator attached to the piston. Each pulse represents an extremely small but very precise volume of fluid. The unit is virtually immune to the effect of the test fluid’s viscosity and density in accomplishing its volumetric flow determinations. The calibrator consists of a precision honed flow tube, a flow piston and shaft, a photoelectric sensor (encoder) associated valves, supply tank, and an electronic console to interpret and display the data.

Air under pressure is introduced to the upstream side of the piston to provide fluid power for the calibration. Downstream of the piston the system is flooded and fully bled. The flow rate is controlled by the operation of the throttling valves. As the piston moves down the flow tube dispensing fluid in a precise manner through the flowmeter under test, it also moves the photoelectric sensor past the etched glass rule. The encoder produces an electrical pulse each time an etched line interrupts the light beam impinging on it. The frequency of the continuous pulse train produced by the calibrator during a run is proportional to piston velocity and thus to the flow rate of fluid dispensed from the tube. The total pulse count is directly proportional to the volume of fluid displaced by the piston.

All Titan Flow Calibrations Are Traceable to National Standards

Titan Enterprises have used piston provers for flow meter calibration since 1994. Our primary rigs are rated from 0.002-40 L/min and 0.05-200 L/min. The software upgrade on our new flow rig enables our low-end flow calibration to reduce to 0.05 ml/min. All Titan flow calibrations are traceable to national standards and have real time temperature compensation to accommodate changes in the fluid properties. Our piston prover systems are calibrated annually against certified weigh scales and are pneumatically or hydraulically driven to ensure a constant flow rate.

Titan's new flow meter calibration and test rig

Calibration for Lower Flow Rates

Titan have recently taken delivery of a new calibration rig which will enable us to increase our production rate as well as our calibration capability at lower flow ranges below 4 L/min. This expansion of Titan’s total range of flow calibration extends our lower flow range to 0.05 ml/min using this rig. 

Like the main flow rigs the volumetric throughput is traceable to national standards via a water draw test. The rig has a repeatability value of ±0.02% and an uncertainty level of 0.03%.

Pressure Testing

In 2018 Titan invested in a high-pressure test unit for in-house pressure testing of our flow meters. The maximum design pressure is 1200 bar which enables us to rapidly validate new flow meter designs as well as certifying meters for high pressure operation.

Our OEM customers often request specific liquid flow pressure ratings, particularly important within the oil and gas industry that requires highly accurate and chemically resistant flow measurement devices.

Titan’s proprietary oval gear design ensures the OG flow meters give reliable, high performance in high pressure applications. For example, Titan’s High Pressure OG4 flow meters are able to operate at temperatures up to 150°C and are fully IP65/NEMA 4 compliant. Each High Pressure OG4 flow meter comes with an individual calibration certificate and a pressure test certificate that verifies the device’s ability to handle pressures up to 700 bar or 950 bar for custom-designed models.

An Oval Gear 4 Flowmeter supplied by Titan ideal for use on oil rigs

Instrument Calibration

Like our flow meters, Titan’s accompanying instruments are calibrated against traceable standards. Our frequency, voltage and current instruments are certified to an uncertainty of ±0.33% by a fully AKAS accredited laboratory. Our pulse generators have frequency locks which ensure that the selected frequency is held for the duration of the calibration. All instruments purchased with our flow meters are calibrated to the customers’ requirements, fully tested and issued with a calibration certificate.

Calibration Test Certificates

Titan’s Ultrasonic and oval gear flowmeters are calibrated as standard. Hard copy calibration test certificates are issued with the meter unless electronic versions are specifically requested.

Turbine flow meters are typically offered as calibrated units though customers can request uncalibrated units. The low-cost Beverage meters are uncalibrated as they tend to be calibrated by the user in situ.

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