High Pressure Flow Meter for Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

Samantha Hannay

Samantha Hannay

high pressure oval gear flow meter for oil rigs and additive injection

Titan Enterprises High Pressure Oval Gear (OG4) flow meters provide an ideal solution for offshore oil & gas industry liquid flow meter applications, including across sub-sectors such as oil and gas drilling, offshore rigs, FPSO (Floating production storage and offloading) and off-shore sustainable-energy initiatives. These high pressure flow devices are perfect for liquid flow-metering where highly accurate and chemically resistant flow measurement is required, such as metering high pressure additive injection.

Benefiting from a compact, rugged design, the Titan OG4 flow meter is proven to operate reliably even at high pressures, providing long-term performance with minimal maintenance. Furthermore, Titan’s OG4 high pressure flow meters for the offshore oil and gas industry are able to operate at temperatures up to 150°C and are fully IP67/NEMA 4 compliant. Each OG4 flow meter comes with a pressure test certificate that verifies the device’s ability to handle pressures up to 700 bar and up to 1000 bar for custom-designed models.

With a standard flow range of 0.25 to 50 litre / min on 30cSt oil, OG4 flowmeters are able to regularly achieve outstanding repeatability (0.1%) and accuracy (0.75%).

For offshore oil and gas liquid flow meter applications where the presence of strongly acidic or basic chemicals has to be considered, Titan Enterprises are also able to offer a choice of construction materials for the OG4 flowmeter (as well as across the entire Titan oval gear meter range). Totally non-metallic components and a choice of elastomer seals are options for the standard OG4 flowmeter which aid chemical compatibility. A choice of 316 stainless steel or Hastelloy C is available for the high-pressure range.

For more inforamtion please visit Titan Oval Gear Flow Meters or contact Titan Enterprises on +44 1935 812790 or sales@flowmeter.com

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