Pulsite® Link Pulse & Analog Converter

Pulsite Link® Programmable Pulse & Analog Converter

Titan’s programmable Pulsite® Link allows the user to convert standard pulse output flow meters to give linearised analog and NPN/PNP outputs. The device will accept both pulse and reed switch devices and provides 5Vdc to the installed flow meter. Titan’s Interface Software allows the user to configure and test the system via USB and a computer. Calibration data can be entered in order to linearise the flowmeter signal for greater accuracy. The Pulsite® Link offers NPN, PNP pulses and analog output of 0-5Vdc / 0-10Vdc or 4-20mA and the ability to configure flow alarm outputs.

Download the Pulsite® Link Datasheet

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The Pulsite® Link Pulse & Analog Converter Instrument is Ideal for:

  • Integration for PLC
  • Increased accuracy on mechanical devices
  • Data monitoring
  • Test rigs
  • Control systems


  • Outputs: 4-20mA (active), 0-5Vdc or 0-10Vdc, NPN and PNP logic direct outputs
  • Inputs: Pulse or Reed switch inputs
  • Inbuilt sensor power supply (+5Vdc)
  • Analog response rate from 100ms
  • Inbuilt Linearisation
  • User programmable settings
  • Software indication for system set up
  • Configurable flow alarm outputs
  • LED indicators
  • 0-65°C
  • IP64 Enclosure
  • Wall mounting brackets

Technical Data & Downloads

Technical Specification

EnclosureResponse TimeLinearisationInputOutputPowerSensor SupplyPulse Output
Tough polymer housing
Analog - 100ms, 1s or 10s option in software
Pulse - min. 0.1ms pulse width
With 6 point calibration data ±0.1%Pulse - max. 5kHz
Reed Switch - max. 400Hz
Pulse NPN/PNP - 205kHz pull-up/down resistor required, 24V @ 20mA max
0-5Vdc / 0-10Vdc - 7bit; adjustable flow range
4-20mA - 16bit; adjustable flow range
15-24 Vdc regulated5 Vdc
50mA max. 20°C
25mA max. 65°C
3 types of pulse width
Frequency 50:50; Direct 50:50; Direct fixed width

Product Data Sheet – Specification & Order Codes

Product Instruction Manual

Technical Drawings – STP File

Latest version of Titan’s Interface Software (4.3.4)

Legacy software versions can also be downloaded from Titan’s Legacy Software



Trouble-free Installation and Commissioning of Your Flow Meter Instrumentation

Prior to installing the instrument/display, read the Instruction Manual together with the instructions for the flow meter itself.

For technical issues, refer to our Troubleshooting section or email technical@flowmeters.co.uk

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