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Investing in Research and Development

From the very beginning, Titan has been built on the foundations where improvisation and creativity were the key to securing our footing in the market, delivering affordable and lasting solutions that resolved issues for our customers.

“We do not shy away from spending on Research and Development. Industry doesn’t stand still and investing in R&D is paramount to Titan staying ahead of the game and taking advantage of the latest technologies. Our R&D spend is 20% of our turnover where the norm is 8-10%.”

Trevor Forster, Managing Director of Titan Enterprises

Leading the way in Flow Meter Technology

Leading the Way in Flow Meter Technology

Flowmeters are essential measurement devices across a wide range of industries, and Titan Enterprises continues to expand to serve them all.

From the relatively simple technology of the Pelton Wheel to the highly advanced ultrasonic technology, Titan’s R&D is primarily application driven, but there are occasions where market forces – supply chains, material costs, delivery lead times, etc. – encourage the team to look at product improvements that help to mitigate some of these issues.

Titan’s patented ultrasonic technology has led to an expanding line of Atrato ultrasonic flowmeters which has the adaptability to provide solutions for a number of OEM issues. Advances in our ultrasonic flow meter devices have included enhancing the software and hardware to provide larger flow range capability or increased stability, whilst lowering costs. Such technical innovations broaden our flowmeter applications, generating significant interest particularly in the healthcare and domestic water markets.

Pioneering Ultrasonic Flow Technology

Ultrasonic low flow technology for specialist medical applications

Using our propriety ultrasonic flow technology, Titan supplies flow measurement devices for multiple medical applications, including laboratory measurement, cleaning and sterilization systems and cooling systems. Titan has also been in involved with developing flow metering systems that have a more specialised healthcare application, such as monitoring dialysis, IV injection and measuring plasma flow for organ blood pumping systems.

Extensive pioneering work with a USA medical company has been focused around producing a disposable ultrasonic flowmeter that would measure the volume of liquid manually injected into a patient.

Taking our Atrato® and Metraflow® ultrasonic flowmeter product design understanding, we have pushed both electronics and physical design to improve the overall performance window.

Trevor concludes:

“When you are confident in your own capabilities, willing to take a few risks, invest resources into R&D and know what your customers and market want, taking on challenges can be very fruitful.”

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To discuss an optimised flow measurement device for your OEM application please contact Titan Enterprises on +44 (0)1935 812790 or email sales@flowmeters.co.uk.

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