Quality Assurance

Titan Enterprises’ commitment to quality is key to our customer retention and satisfaction.

Titan first achieved certification to ISO 9001 in 2001 and was awarded the upgraded approval to ISO 9001:2015 in 2018. As a design and manufacturer of liquid flow meters and instruments, maintaining our certification ensures we can meet our customer requirements and expectations, now and into the future.

Ensuring the design and manufacture of our flow measurement products and service are as customers expect, we continue to maintain our high performance standards.

Our expanding product lines and capability within the liquid flow measurement market are key to our ongoing success and growth.

PDF cover of Titan's ISO 9001:2015 Certificate valid from 1st March 2024

ISO 9001:2015 Certificate

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Compliance Standards & Statements

Our in-house calibration and pressure testing facilities give our customers a trustworthy resource to satisfy accuracy requirements.
Titan Enterprises also maintain compliance to a number of industry standards and these statements can be downloaded here.

PDF cover of Titans RoHS Certificate

RoHS General Compliance Certificate

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PDF cover of Titan Conflict Materials Statement

Titan's Conflict of Materials Statement

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PDF cover of Titan Reach 2012 Certificate

Titan's Reach 2012 Certificate

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ATEX Compliance

Titan offer two options for ATEX compliant operation of its Oval Gear flow meters in explosive atmospheres. A simple option for monitoring flow in an explosive atmosphere is based upon using a Reed switch that operates via the customer’s intrinsically safe circuit. Employing this design there is no potential for storage or generation of electricity, allowing the Oval Gear flow meters to fall under the “Simple Apparatus” definition. These units can therefore be used without the need for ATEX certification.

A TEX Compliance logo

Fully Certified NAMUR Proximity Switch

The second ATEX compliant approach uses a fully certified NAMUR Proximity Switch to give the pulsed output from the oval gear meter. For customers who elect for this option, Titan will install the switch into the Oval Gear flow meter and can supply the appropriate amplifier if required.

For any installation in potentially explosive atmospheres, operators must ensure that correct standards are maintained for the full electrical installation, but with the two options available throughout the Titan OG range, you have the choice to optimise your installation depending on process and environment requirements. To read more about flow monitoring in hazardous environments, refer to our article in The Chemical Engineer.

NSF International logo

NSF-Approved 800 Series & Beverage Flowmeters for The Food & Beverage Industry

NSF Approved Ultrasonic 800 and Beverage Flowmeters

Titan Enterprises maintains certification under NSF/ANSI 169 as equipment for food products for their 800 Series turbine flowmeters and Beverage flowmeters. This accreditation is especially important for manufacturers of food production and handling machinery who can install these flow meters secure in the knowledge that they meet NSF-standards for food production. Based upon a unique Pelton wheel design, Titan’s 800-series and beverage dispensing flow meters are inherently reliable and proven in tens of thousands of installations around the world.

PDF cover of Titans NSF Certificate

NSF Approval Certificate

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Technical Advice and Support

For any process or technical issues, please contact us on +44 (0)1935 812790 or email technical@flowmeters.co.uk

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