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The Technology: Titan’s Turbine Flowmeters

Radial Turbine Flowmeter diagram. Target applications: Low flow low viscosity liquids.

Titan’s small turbine flowmeter range use a radial flow principle based on the Pelton wheel technique. This well proven method is the ideal way of measuring low rates of flow of low viscosity liquids.

For these mini flowmeters, a jet of fluid is directed at a turbine that is mounted on robust low friction sapphire bearings. The geometry of the turbine and the fluid chamber ensures that the rotational speed of the rotor is proportional to the flow rate through the device. The use of this radial arrangement allows more energy to be imparted into the turbine, so the bearing drag is far less important. Furthermore, because more energy is available the bearings themselves can be a lot stronger so increasing the life of the flowmeter. For larger flows, some of the liquid can bypass the turbine chamber, which then behaves as a “shunt” to the metered fluid. Accuracy is still maintained and the output remains linear.

Turbine Flow Meter Selection Chart

NSF Approved 800-Series Turbine Flow MetersNSF Approved Beverage Turbine Flow Meters800-Series Low Power Turbine Flow Meters900-Series Turbine Flow Meters1000-Series Turbine Flow MetersFT2 Optical Detection Turbine Flow MetersFT2 Hall-Effect Detection Turbine Flow Meters
NSF Approved 800-Series Turbine Flow MeterNSF Approved Beverage Turbine Flow Meter800-Series Low Power Turbine Flow Meter900-Series Turbine Flow Meter1000-Series Turbine Flow MeterFT2 Optical Detection Turbine Flow MetersFT2 Hall-Effect Detection Turbine Flow Meters
View ProductView ProductView ProductView ProductView ProductView ProductView Product
Meters in Range6166799
Min Flow lpm0.050.600.
Max Flow lpm1510151530160160
Accuracy Range±1.0 / ±2.0% FSD±1.0% FSD
±2.5% Actual
±1.0 /±2.0% FSD±1.0 / ±2.0% FSD±1.0 / ±2.0% FSD±1.0 / ±1.5% FSD±1.0 / ±2.0% FSD
Detector TypeHallHall-Hall Hall OpticalHall
Body MaterialPVDFPVDFPVDFPVDF or 316 St.St.PVDF or 316 St.St.PPSPPS
Pipe Fitting8mm & 12mm hose 3/8” John Guest 8mm hose tails¼“ BSP / NPT female½“ BSP / NPT femaleVariousVarious

Technical Downloads

Please click the image or title below to download our instruction sheet. Alternatively, you can contact us if you have any questions.

Instruction Sheets for the full turbine flow sensor range can be found on the individual product pages.

Cover image for Instruction Sheet Mini Turbine 800 900 1000 series

Mini Turbine Instruction Sheet PDF

Please click the image or blue heading above to download our Turbine Instruction Sheet PDF Document

Overview & Application

Our comprehensive range of radial flow turbine meters offer a selection of products for many types of application. From chemical plant to the semi-conductor industry to drink dispense or beer monitoring equipment. Titan’s mini turbines have sapphire bearings and excellent repeatability. The rotation of the rotor is detected with a Hall Effect sensor. The choice of fitting type reflects the function of the meter, some having simple hose barbs and others fitted with custom designed process connections to suit an OEM installation. Non-metallic options mean that these turbine meters can be used with very aggressive chemicals and ultra-pure water.

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