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Introducing Our Team

Titan is a UK-based family-run business with an excellent work ethic where people work together, share knowledge and are prepared to step up and work outside their ‘job description’ to do what’s necessary. 

Our USP is our flexibility, adaptability and ability to work with our customers to understand their applications and find workable solutions, and we expect our staff to have these attributes by the bucket load! From finance and sales through to technical and production, our team are committed to supporting our customers and ensuring the company’s continued success.

Trevor Forster

Managing Director, Titan Enterprises Limited

Trevor Forester has been involved in fluid handling since 1969 when he started as a draughtsman working on rotating seals for aircraft and submarines. He then joined West Hyde Developments from which Litre Meter was borne and Trevor became Chief Engineer. 

Wanting to challenge industry limitations, Trevor set out on his own and founded Titan Enterprises in 1981. Trevor’s objective was to produce small bore flow meters with a drive to do things “a little bit differently and a little bit better”. Trevor takes delight in innovation and continues to push the boundary of flow meter technology.

Trevor Forster - Managing Director at Titan Enterprises
Kate Thomas - General Manager & Finance Director at Titan Enterprises

Kate Thomas

General Manager & Finance Director, Titan Enterprises Limited

Kate has grown up with Titan, the company having been established by her father in 1981 and embodying the full meaning of ‘family-run’. Previously working for Cardiff Council in administration and accounts, Kate joined the family business in 2006 and gained her Level 7 Diploma in Management. From 2019, Kate’s responsibilities began to shift towards a greater emphasis on the general company management, leading her to become General Manager and Finance Director. Kate is responsible for HR, training, health & safety, Finance and the overall running of Titan.
“I am enormously proud in what my parents have achieved and as well as our R&D and product lines. I am keen to maintain our business focus and excellent relationships, between staff, management, suppliers and customers. Forming relationships built on trust, respect and enabling staff to take ownership of their roles within the company, has led to transparency of mission, trust in the Titan brand and confidence in the company as we forge forwards.”

Neil Hannay

Senior R&D Engineer, Titan Enterprises Limited

Neil Hannay joined the company in 2018 to manage the development of new flow measuring systems.
His previous experience over the last 25 years includes project managing industrial research and development, focusing on process devices and processes for gas and liquid systems for the oil and gas, chemical, food, water and pharmaceutical sectors.

Neil began his career in water treatment process and equipment design, focusing on flocculation, ozonation and biological treatment processes and devices and then moving to biological and chemical process development in the food and chemical industries. Over the years, Neil has accumulated expertise in gas and liquid flow control and measurement and customer process integration.

Neil Hannay - Senior R&D Engineer at Titan Enterprises
Jeremy Thorne - Operations Manager at Titan Enterprises

Jeremy Thorne

Operations Manager, Titan Enterprises Limited

Jeremy has over 30 years’ experience within the fluid power industry. Initially employed by Sterling Hydraulics as a draughtsman working on various valve designs, Jeremy moved to Titan Enterprises in 1997. Jeremy manages the production and manufacturing operations within Titan, and as a member of the Senior Management Team, plays a key role in product design and strategic company operations. Since joining Titan, Jeremy has modernised all production methods, implemented ISO 9001 and maintains the quality management system within the company.

“I joined Titan early on in its development and I am very proud to be a part of the company’s growth and innovation as it has become one of the most respected flow meter manufacturers in the world.”

Samantha Hannay

Marketing Manager, Titan Enterprises Limited

Sam joined Titan Enterprises in 2020 to support the company’s desire to bring their marketing, PR and corporate branding in-house. Over the last 30 years, Sam has held senior management positions in both corporate and charity environments, focusing primarily in marketing, training and fundraising and working extensively with external stakeholders. Sam also has an in-depth knowledge of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 having worked for BSI and ITS Intertek Services in the UK, USA and Asia. Sam brings a combination of marketing, media/PR and website development experience to Titan to define and implement their marketing strategy.

Samantha Hannay - Marketing Manager at Titan Enterprises
Rachel Hawkins - Sales Administrator at Titan Enterprises

Rachel Hill

Sales Administrator, Titan Enterprises Limited

Rachel joined Titan Enterprises in 2021 and quickly delved into the role of Sales Administrator learning on her feet. Rachel’s previous roles in retail and the service industry have given her a strong commercial acumen and the ability to meet the high level of customer service demanded by Titan and our customers. Rachel has met the challenge of understanding Titan’s product lines and learning the technical aspects of the flowmeters to become an important cog within the company team, supporting both external and internal stakeholders.

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