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Bespoke Product Development for OEMs

Titan works with OEM customers in developing modified and bespoke liquid flow meters outside of our standard range of measurement flow devices, driving our partnership innovation in key sectors.

“The way we work with customers from research, development, through to production has enabled us to solve a lot of OEM application issues. Through that process, we’ve helped customers decrease their assembly times, improve efficiency, and provide extra functionality.”

Trevor Forster, Managing Director of Titan Enterprises

Custom Flow Measurement Solutions

We develop custom flow measurement solutions that are fully integrated with customer-specific equipment and/or applications. Our R&D team work closely with our OEMs to meet process and measurement needs precisely and reliably. Read Titan’s Case Studies for more examples of how we have delivered innovative flow solutions.

Titan's oval gear flowmeters used in Virgin Atlantic Challenger II

Virgin Atlantic Challenger II OEM Client

When Titan was approached by the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II team, they were searching for a flowmeter manufacturer who could supply a device to measure their fuel consumption on their Trans-Atlantic Blue Riband attempt. The engine manufacturers had put severe restrictions on the permissible pressure drop in the fuel lines to guarantee the engine performance. Calculations suggested a venturi meter would have a low enough pressure loss but the dynamic flow range would be insufficient for the overall engine fuel usage. To solve the problem we inserted one of our Pelton wheels as a type of undershot water wheel into the throat of the venturi. This proved to have an acceptable overall pressure loss and excellent linearity. Richard Branson completed the crossing in the Virgin Atlantic Challenger II, in three days, eight hours and 31 minutes, beating the 1952 record set by the United States.

Tailored Liquid Flow Meter Design and Development

Titan offers a complete liquid flow meter design and development service, tailoring the design of a flowmeter to match the exact application requirements of our OEM customers. This may involve changing the sensor’s housing to fit a specific footprint/design or the addition of extra sensors into the design without compromising the performance of the flowmeter.

For instance, Titan’s high-pressure range of Oval Gear flow meters are typically built to order, with customers requesting a change of materials, pressure ratings, electrical and port connections, and even dual pulsed output to enable reverse flow measurement.

Highly Adaptive Designs for OEM's

OEM bespoke Flow Meter Design for hazardous environments

For oil and gas applications where the presence of strongly acidic or basic chemicals must be considered, Titan offers a choice of construction materials across our Oval Gear flowmeter range. Adapting designs to meet specific high-pressure requirements and aid chemical compatibility, the use of non-magnetic materials and exotic metals, such as Hastelloy and Titanium, are examples of our growing bespoke flowmeter work.

For OEM customers requesting specific liquid flow pressure ratings, Titan’s own inhouse pressure testing facility allows us to test flow devices up to 1000 bar. This is particularly important in Titan’s Oval Gear high-pressure models used in metering high pressure additive injection.

Creating Winning Partnerships with OEM's

Titan Enterprises is an international company working with customers around the world. For example we worked with an F1 racing team…

OEM Formular 1 racing car utilising Titan's custom designed oval gear flowmeter

Formula 1 OEM Client

Titan was approached by a Formula 1 racing team to design bespoke flowmeters for two very niche applications: direct fuel and engine oil flow measurements were required for the F1 racing cars. For the fuel system, Titan developed an ultra-lightweight oval gear meter capable of being safely housed inside the fuel tank itself and submerged in the fuel.

F1 vehicles typically run without cooling fans so measuring the oil flow on engine test required a flowmeter accurate to 200oC with no undue pressure drop. Using the inherent very low pressure drop of their oval gear flow meter design, Titan produced a 200°C, 50 L/minute flow meter with a pressure drop of less than 100bar utilising specially manufactured oval gears specific to the application. Both modified flow measurement designs provided accurate flow measurement over an extended period of time, whilst housed directly in or around the noisy electrical environment of the F1 vehicle.

A customer in Nairobi dispenses clean fuel from a KOKO Fuel vending machine that incorporates Titan's flowmeters

Global Flow Meter Solutions

Titan’s NSF-Approved 800 series turbine flow meters play a vital role in fuel distribution in Africa. KOKO Networks in East Africa created a scalable solution to the dirty fuels problem. KOKO’s fuel distribution model, incorporating Titan’s NSF-Approved 800 series flowmeters, uses Bioethanol as an ultra-clean, cheap and safe alternative to the more traditional cooking fuels of charcoal and paraffin.

Titan’s NSF-Approved 800 series turbine flow meters are ideally suited for applications where both food hygiene and precision flow measurement are required.

These turbine flowmeters are designed for accurate batch delivery systems, such as those used in KOKO’s dispensing vending machines installed throughout Kenya, delivering clean bioethanol cooking fuel into African homes.

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