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Titan Enterprises design and manufacture a wide range of liquid flow meters that fall within the technologies of Inferential, Positive Displacement and Velocity Measuring devices.

Due to the variety of physical measuring principles and properties of Titan flowmeters, this selection tool will help you narrow down those measuring devices that are applicable to your process flow requirements.

Our filtering tool allows you to select parameters by max/min conditions that each Titan flow meter can operate within.

If you would like help to determine the most suitable flow measurement device for your requirements, please contact us on +44 (0)1935 812790, or complete our Product Enquiry form. You can also refer to our Flow Meter Suitability Guide.

You can also browse our flowmeters by application.

Flowmeter Types
Max Flow Rate (lpm)
Min Flow Rate (lpm)
Max Temp (°C)
Min Temp (°C)
Max Pressure (bar g)
Max Viscosity (cSt)

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Use our online filtering tool to find the perfect flowmeter for your needs.

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