Process Atrato® Ultrasonic Pulse Flow Meters

Industrial Process Atrato® Ultrasonic Flowmeter

The Process Atrato® is based on our standard, wide ranging, Atrato® ultrasonic flow meter but packaged to address the more challenging industrial process and control environment. The body is 316 stainless steel, rated at 20 bar and the electronics are built-in and sealed to IP65. The only other wetted materials are PEEK and the customer’s choice of elastomers. The Process Atrato® is calibrated with a pre-set ‘K’ factor so all meters of the same flow range are fully interchangeable simplifying assembly and set-up procedures for OEM manufacturers. There are two adaptable frequency outputs, one PNP and NPN. Two multicolour LEDs indicate signal strength, power malfunctions and pulse outputs. Electrical connections are through a standard M12, four pin, sensor connector. Four flow ranges are available from 2 ml/min to 15 litres per minute, accuracy is ±1% over the whole flow range.

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Process Atrato® Ultrasonic Industrial Flow Meter is Ideal for:

  • Process control
  • Instrumentation & laboratory applications


  • Patented ultrasonic technology
  • No moving parts
  • 4 flow ranges
  • Accuracy
    ±1% of reading 2 – 100% range
    ±2% of reading 0 – 2% of range
  • Repeatability ±0.1% +0.005% FSD
  • Pulse output, NPN and PNP
  • 20 bar rating
  • 8 – 24 Vdc operation
  • Large turndown ratio
  • ¼” BSP | ¼” NPT fittings
  • IP65 enclosure
  • 65°C operation
  • Pre-set ‘K’ factors

Technical Data & Downloads

Technical Specification

Flow Range
‘K’ Factor


Product Data Sheet – Specification & Order Codes

Product Instruction Manual

Linearity and Repeatability for Process & Standard Atrato

Technical Drawings – STP File


Trouble-free Installation and Commissioning of Your Flow Meter

Prior to installing the flow meter, read the Instruction Manual and refer to the following Installation Checklist to prevent avoidable failures due to mis-wiring etc.

For technical issues, refer to our Troubleshooting section or email

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