Pulsite® Solo Rate & Totaliser Battery Powered Display

Pulsite® Solo Digital Rate and Totaliser Battery Powered Indicator

Titan’s flexible Pulsite®  Solo digital rate and total display unit offers battery or dc power options for use with flow metering devices. These panel or surface mounting digital display instruments are designed to be as versatile as possible permitting customisation to suit the application. The Pulsite® Solo is battery powered rate and total only whereas the Pulsite® Link Pulse & Analog Converter has multiple options with two transistor input/outputs and a user set analog output. Programming is simple on the Pulsite® Solo, the front panel keys used with easy-to-follow screen prompts. With a typical battery life of 5 years, the Pulsite® Solo requires no external power.

Download the Pulsite® Solo Datasheet

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Pulsite® Solo Rate & Totaliser Flow Meter Display is Ideal for:

  • Pulse output meters (transitor, coil, Reed switch)
  • Flow rate and totalising display
  • Low cost application
  • Local and remote display
  • battery operated for Reed switch devices


  • Clear 6 digit LCD display with enunciators
  • 8mm high main digits with 2.5mm enunciators
  • Simple setting procedure
  • Password protected
  • Programmable scaling for rate and total
  • Programmable time base for rate
  • 96 x 48mm 1/8 DIN case
  • Environmentally protected tough polymer housing
  • Panel or surface mount
  • Replaceable battery (typically 5 year life)
  • Front panel programmable
  • 5 to 24 Vdc power with the battery as backup
  • Coil and switch inputs
  • Logic\transistor inputs (external power recommended)


Technical Data & Downloads

Technical Specification

Tough polymer housing
Trans-refelctive LCD display with 6 x 8mm high numerals with 2.5mm enunciators
Unit Display: 9.99999 to 999999
Battery 5 years typical life
External 5-24Vdc
Pulse - 2kHz max
Coil - 3mV - 24V sine wave, 2kHz max
Switch - Limited to 100Hz
Total: No units displayed, Gall, cc. kg, gms or ltr

Rate: Total time units - sec, min & hr

Product Data Sheet – Specification & Order Codes

Product Instruction Manual

Technical Drawings – STP File


Trouble-free Installation and Commissioning of Your Flow Meter Instrumentation

Prior to installing the instrument/display, read the Instruction Manual together with the instructions for the flow meter itself.

For technical issues, refer to our Troubleshooting section or email technical@flowmeters.co.uk

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